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Branding Mistakes Your Competitors Will Celebrate

By October 20th, 2015No Comments

Imagine walking into a joyous festival in your honor…and then realizing the festival is being hosted by somebody you don’t like.

The following mistakes will put this festival on your competitor’s calendar without delay.

Big Business Wants Small Business to Think Small.

The greatest achievement of big business was to create an illusion of such size that the small business felt no hope of competing. It keeps small businesses on the sidelines struggling with amateur branding, hit-or-miss strategies, and a sense that branding is something you get when you get bigger and more successful.  When in fact, branding is a proven first step to establishing the foothold required to begin really edging into a large company’s market share. Time after time, really smart small businesses achieve local dominance in a market through branding and consistent strategic advertising. Market presence through branding can make even the tiniest of businesses a player locally and regionally So, next time you think big, think brand.

Changing Your Identity / Image Too Quickly.

When you change or modify your logo too often, it tells people you are uncertain and lack conviction. That’s why professional graphic design has been so integral in the success of leading companies, some nearly 100 years old. By working with world-class graphic designers, leading brands built symbols and logotypes that have stood the test of time. These designers avoided trends and trusted their artistic instincts to craft truly unique, highly recognizable brand identities. The point is: Designers are essential to the creation of brands that have real long term potential. Ask yourself, is your brand ready for the long haul? Will it be able to stand out in the market for the next 8 to 10 years?

Lying, Bluster and Inflated Claims.

In an era where glitz, glamor, and soundbites send us phony messages from every angle, there is an outcry for honest credible communication. Facts matter. People still read (just like you are now). Calculated speech can be heard before the lips are even open. And that point is very important. The cynicism of the public at large underlines a simple fact: People are listening. Honesty is essential. We intuitively know when a message sounds genuine. We also know when to be skeptical.Now more than ever, consumers are numb to flashy sales pitches and exaggerated claims. But that doesn’t mean you should be boring. Entertaining messages that are interesting have proven their worth since the beginning of time. People want to hear that your products and services do what they say. They want proof. They want substance. They want quality presentations that show you invested in your company. That investment validates the quality service or product you provide. Not recognizing this is why homemade brochures and amateur designers fail so miserably at launching new enterprises. Great branding and marketing is not a byproduct of success but actually the path to success.

Not Practicing What You Preach.

Have you ever asked a designer for their brochure? Odds are they don’t have one. Why then should you be convinced they know how to make one for you? You shouldn’t. Designers must practice what they preach. They will talk forever about creating an integrated marketing message across all media outlets (print, web, tv, ads, direct mail, etc.), but do they do this themselves? Most don’t. Imagine hiring a builder to build your home who lived in a mobile home? You’d probably think twice.


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