What makes you valuable and unique compared to your competitors? Answer that, and you’ll be halfway through the strategic branding process.

Get your brand positioning strategy right and you’ll get your brand off to a great start. The right positioning always feels genuine and real with a decisive character (fun and friendly, elite and rare, powerful and durable, clean and safe). Strategic brand positioning weaves together character, style and personality into what makes a company, product, service or organization truly memorable.


Brand strategy consulting firms have a keen sense for creating unique identities. Modern SBC will help your brand stake its claim in your market.

The Raw Material of Strategic Branding

Think about who you are, what you believe and where you want to be. What matters to you? What perceptions do you want associated with your business, its products and services? These questions help brands build authentic positions in the market. Answer those questions and then use some of the same words when describing your brand position. Some will feel comfortable and true. Some will feel phony. If anything feels generic or manufactured, throw it out.

Describe the “positions” of competitors (ones you admire and one’s you might dislike). Think hard about what makes you different, special or unique. We said, think hard. It isn’t easy. All of this information makes up the raw material for establishing a brand position you can build on.

Brand Position. You Can’t Fake It for Long.

Positioning a cookie brand is a lot different from positioning an entire business. First the cookie brand doesn’t require the CEO and 20 employees to interact with the cookie-buyer. The product itself plus the packaging and advertising form the positioning. For the company or organization, positioning is a bit more complex. You have perceptions that go well beyond a box or wrapper and some advertisements. You have real people representing your organization. You might have offices that customers or clients visit. Simply put, there are more moving parts that impact a successful brand positioning strategy.

Testing Your Positioning

If you’ve never spent a night in a sleeping bag, you probably won’t be very good at positioning a sleeping bag company. If deodorant is optional, you aren’t going to be the next cosmetics and beauty powerhouse. Could a competitor use your positioning? Could it make the same claims as you? Look out for exaggeration. Great brand positions are easy to define. If you can’t state yours right now, you don’t have one.

Own Your Brand Position

Some companies just know how to be true to themselves. And they are rare. Wal-mart really nailed its positioning with its tagline “Save money. Live better.”  Four words and you have it.  Nike’s “Just do it.” is equally brilliant. Smart brand positions are ones you can really own and expand within. New products and services should feel at home under the same brand positioning.

Position Your Brand for Success

If we asked you to tell us a compelling story about your business, products, or services, could you? For many entrepreneurs and even massive organizations, this can be a real struggle. The resulting stories are often commonplace and forgettable lists of achievements and milestones. In short, plain vanilla. And that’s crazy, because every product, person, and place wants to be recognized for what makes it special and valuable. So, express yourself. Embrace your pride (you can get forgiveness later). Celebrate who you are, what you do and why you do it. Be as colorful or outspoken as you like. If it’s real, you’ll know it — and so will your customers, members, and employees.

Start with these Five Questions

  1. How do you desire your brand to be positioned?
  2. How do customers and prospects think of your brand now?
  3. Is our desired positioning unique? How many competitors do we have?
  4. Can we afford to “out-brand” a market leader?
  5. Is there room to expand within the desired brand position?

Brand Strategy Tips

  1. Avoid the “Me too” strategy
  2. Simple and Clear Wins.  What exactly are you selling?
  3. Marketing is a battle of perceptions
  4. Don’t try to beat a market leader for the same position
  5. Trends are like the tide. Flow with them. Don’t fight them.
  6. Care about your brand – a lot

STRATEGIC BRANDING – A Beautiful Brand needs a Smart Brand Strategy

We’ve sat in on dozens of “Brand Strategy Presentations” from Fortune 500 mega brands to local boutique brands. And 7 out of 10 are a lot of inflated mumbo jumbo bolted onto an index card that has these six words: Difference, Simplicity, Consistency, Character, Beauty and Durability. These words summarize what makes a winning brand positioning strategy. And they are the tenets by which the best brand designers work.

At Modern SBC, our Brand Strategists are highly-skilled Graphic Designers and Copywriters first. Here’s how we see Brand Strategists: If you need an operation, do you want someone who can talk about surgery, or do you want an actual a surgeon? Our brand positioning services give you the “surgeons” of brand strategists.

Work with us and get ready to see your brand from some fresh perspectives. We’ll identify brand problems, suggest remedies and build a brand plan that is simple, easy to manage and positioned for the long term.

Brands can do a lot: build awareness, unite a workforce, improve sales, earn public respect and admiration, promote loyalty and endorsement and more. Those are pretty significant objectives — objectives your brand can enjoy if connected to the right strategy.

What is the state of your brand right now? We’ve given you a lot to think about. When you’re ready, contact Modern SBC about our brand positioning services. We’ll help you put the answers to the questions we’ve posed to work.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss company branding.