Establishing Brand Standards

Brand Standards Guides come in many forms: bound manuals with printed examples, company portals with logo files and templates in a central location, simple fold-up “Brand Maps” that put the essentials at your fingertips (we love these and find they actually get used and kept by staff).

We like to think of Brand Standards Guides as a test for how simple and efficient a brand actually is. There is no reason that the essentials of a brand guidelines manual can’t be presented in a 24- to 40-page document.  When we see manuals that have 6 volumes in a slipcase or a custom 3-inch binder with 30 divider tabs we wonder “who uses those?”

Brand Standards Guides are a great opportunity to do some internal branding and team building with employees to unify a simple, single message.

Brand Development Services — Get Some Creative Insight

Developing a strong brand is the cornerstone of customer loyalty, sales and growth. We provide brand development services to small and large organizations across a wide range of industries and in both B2B and consumer sectors. Our consultative approach is designed to connect your brand to its market of prospects and customers. Thoughtful brands make it easier to access new market opportunities as you expand your operations and customer base.

Our brand development services are designed to create difference, evoke appropriate feelings, improve recognition, simplify implementation and yield long-term value in your market, whether you are regional or global competitor.

Brand Activation Services

“Brand Activation” has evolved to have a lot of definitions. Some might consider it “multi-layer marketing” or “integrated marketing.” But that’s not enough. We think of brand activation services as marketing that combines digital exposure with traditional methods, sometimes coordinated with an event, TV show/appearance, trade show, etc. — all in a single campaign designed to work for a specific objective. The other definition is simply super-charging brand awareness. And that means increasing touch-points and moving beyond digital to some traditional methods. It means coordinated PR and planned opportunities to interact with your brand.

Examples of Brand Activation include the following:

  1. A major bank with naming rights on a sports stadium has gift bags presented to a row of fans live on TV at every home baseball game with ATM kiosks from the bank throughout the stadium and environmental and print advertising at the games. It’s a Citizen’s Bank mega brand-activation!  (Philadelphia Phillies and Citizens Bank at Citizens Bank Park)
  2. Placed commercials on a morning show coordinated with a segment featuring the product being used by the show hosts. Perhaps crowd giveaway if possible (Think Today Show or Good Morning America).
  3. Free Lip Balm giveaway for a new brand co-sponsoring a Surfing Championship. Commercials and banner ads running on both TV and digital delivery platforms in conjunction with National Skincare Month (can you believe we even have such a thing?).

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