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Bullet Points Don’t Move Markets

By November 8th, 2018No Comments

We’ll admit, the web has turned us all into list junkies. And digital marketing uses bullets like a crutch for bad creative. When we see clients using bullets everywhere, we ask them to describe their business or product by just reading us the bullet list. In most cases it sounds generic and uninspiring. If you find that you resort to bullets a lot, ask yourself,  “Are you making a logical appeal to an emotional audience?”


If you want to really move products, you must learn how to move people. Put a little art and heart in your business… and put logic last.

We’re not saying logic has no place in sales. In fact, logic often closes the deal. But only after a feeling of comfort, confidence or motivation is established. Branding is all about creating, securing and managing those feelings — whether you’re selling spaghetti or security systems.

TAKEAWAY:   Emotion trumps logic when it comes to sales, branding, marketing and advertising.

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