Creative advertising connects people to ideas, products, and places.

The best creative advertising services cut through B.S. and boredom like a flashlight in the dark. And if it’s really creative, it will help you sell, grow and mold the perceptions of your brand. Are you ready to get creative?

Fresh and Unexpected are Better than Strange and Weird.

The Fear of Standing Out – a Human Trait that Kills Creativity

Humans create advertising — for humans. Yet most of us are terrified to stand out. And this terror is transferred from ownership to products and services. Imagine you are an insurance company waiting to see the new ads for your products. Slide one of the presentation is a lizard walking on two legs with a speech bubble that just says “Hi.” How would you feel? Are you concerned? Or, are you curious about where this is going?

Creative Advertising Blends Logic with Emotion

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling computers, legal services, pizza or sunglasses; you are selling to people. And you’re selling more than a product or service. You are selling an idea. And you can’t do that with logic alone – we’re just not logical creatures. If we were, we’d all be rich and relaxed. Creative advertising services can help you find that perfect blend of logic and emotion.

Effective Advertising Secrets

  1. Simple and short is better than complex and clumsy.
  2. Type matters — a lot (Bad typography kills most ads).
  3. People recognize amateur advertising. It’s everywhere and forms the forgettable backdrop for truly creative advertising.
  4. Whitespace sells. Always has. Always will.
  5. When you’re tired of seeing your ad, its just starting to penetrate your prospects and audience.
  6. Digital (online) advertising is now the core of many major Advertising Agency strategies. Still believe TV is the highest profile media outlet? Think again. TV has been losing touch-points and exposure volume since 2005.
  7. Creative advertising doesn’t have to be crazy or odd. It’s better to aim for “unexpected” or “fresh” when working on concepts.

Credibility: Creative Advertising’s Essential Companion

Credibility is tough to describe in words. It’s something we feel.

Tone of voice, type choices, images, layout, message pacing and your brand heritage all combine to evoke or undermine your credibility. It’s an art. And more specifically it’s a commercial art — meaning art for commerce.

And that’s where creativity comes in — to express credibility in memorable and meaningful ways.

Example 1. Hershey expresses credibility in a creative way in their Hershey’s Kisses holiday ad where not one word is spoken as the kisses elevate like bells to ring the tune of Jingle Bells. This is exquisitely creative. It’s also beautiful, timeless, interesting, emotional and unforgettable. They’ve been running this ad for nearly 30 years!

Example 2. When hired to sell highly sensitive light detectors, we created an ad with a closeup of a jet black tunnel. Virtually the whole page was black with a single small line of copy centered on the black tunnel entrance: “Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel?” followed by “WE CAN.” A single small photo of the detector at actual size (roughly an inch tall) was placed at the bottom next to the logo signature.  It’s an ad no competitor could steal due to its originality and creativity. And that’s a lot more than creative advertising. It’s value and durability.

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