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Eleven Signs Your Brand Image is Damaging Your Credibility 

By February 10th, 2015No Comments
modernsbc measuring brand credibility

It happens in an instant. One Instant. One Judgment.

A person sees your brand, package, website, store, office, or brochure and they instinctively judge your credibility based on your brand image.

We’ve all seen logos, brochures, websites, tradeshow displays and advertising created by amateurs and do-it-yourselfers. The result is always the same: a loss of credibility. A glowing referral can be destroyed just because a website is dated or feels unprofessional. It may be unfair, but it is a very real and costly crisis for any business trying to win against design-savvy competitors.

How Many of These Statements are True?

1. You admire a competitor’s website more than your own.

2. Your logo is lackluster or commonplace. You don’t love your logo.

3. You don’t get positive comments about your marketing or brand from prospects or customers.

4. Your logo is an acronym that nobody knows. (We can’t all be IBM, UPS or NBC)

5. Your marketing materials lack visual consistency.

6. You only use stock photos that might be used by your competitors.

7. You don’t print anything and tell yourself you’re being “eco-friendly.”

8. You have no “tangible” marketing a customer can touch, take or keep. Your marketing is all online or downloadable PDFs.

9. You still use Powerpoint as a primary sales tool.

10. You spent more on your last car than you did on your brand image and marketing materials.

11. You view high quality design as a luxury of big business. (Big Business says “thank you.”)


Any two of these will let doubt creep into your brand and business.

TAKEAWAY:  Great Design Removes Doubt and Elevates Your Brand.