The Art of Business, Commerce, and Culture.

We embody an old-school spirit where graphic design is a true business asset. A logo must make you pause and feel something. A package must elevate the product it contains. A website’s beauty must rival its function. Catalogs and brochures must create desire. Places must celebrate their organizations. As one of the branding and graphic design firms in the Philadelphia area, this is what we create for businesses in and around this area.

Award-Winning Logo Design

Your logo is your most concise statement of quality. Nothing so small is so valuable to your organization. Our designers have worked on some of the most well-known brands in the world (Sheraton, Kraft Foods, The Red Cross, Cigna and more). We distill your most valuable and unique characteristics into genuine visual assets.

Editorial Experts

We design and structure content to be read. Which is a good thing since people are reading more now than ever (“People don’t read” is a myth repeated by people who don’t read). We also design pages to be noticed and enjoyed. This editorial experience is a powerful asset when it comes to web design where type hierarchies are so desperately needed.

Designing Personality

Graphic design puts personality in a brand. The clean lines of the Nike logo are appropriate for an athletic company. The Harley-Davidson brand perfectly balances attitude with premium engineering. Tiffany has maintained the peak of elegant value with refined typography and their dramatic powder-blue. These are valuable brand components that were designed on purpose.

Amplifying Ideas

Graphic design is truly the art of amplifying ideas. Our designers look at design problems to discover what’s interesting, provocative, curious and important. Then, we usually resort to the good old pencil — it’s the one tool where artists truly accelerate ideas. Whether working on a website, product brochures, a logo or a catalog, we aim to identify, inspire and influence.

For more information about the graphic design services we offer, contact our graphic design company near Philadelphia today at 215-619-4700.