Both a Brand Messaging and Brand Communication Strategy Are Essential to Delivering Your Brand’s Identity.

Nothing so small is ever asked to do so much. In an instant, a logo can express “authority and attitude,” “credibility and confidence,” even “whimsy and wonder.” As your flag in the marketplace, your logo must be distinctive. Our brand identity services protect clients’ brand messaging from cliches and commonplace ideas — barriers to business you simply can’t afford.

Create Difference

In skilled hands, brands can evoke credibility, innovation, value and personality. Getting there takes great design, a genuine brand voice and a committed organization. We work with brand communication strategists who understand the power of design, care about what they say as an enterprise and aspire to be the very best at what they do.

Avoid Trends

Artful solutions require artful minds. Our graphic designers are elite experts in design, brand communication. Their work has earned peer-judged awards and been published. They also write about design and its essential role in modern business.  In short, our designers are artists with keen business instincts.

Instinct & Imagination

From brand image and core brand messaging to more targeted sales tools and websites, Modern helps people express the heart of their businesses, products and ideas. We work closely with clients to discover the most compelling and genuine imagery, language, and overall tone of voice to develop a strong and unique brand messaging strategy.

Enduring Style

You can’t buy belief, but a well-managed brand can help build it across staff, customers and even the public.  Think about the things you admire, cherish, desire and need. We’re confident they all started with a unique idea. Each idea had brand assets that played a role in your connection — beauty, function, value, durability, technical ability, and much more.

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