Our corporate branding agency has helped many businesses in these industries.

Science and Engineering

How do you communicate innovation,  credibility, trust and confidence to an audience that often has a preference for logic over emotion?  You remind yourself that Engineers and scientists are people too. They are experts with just as much passion as anybody else — usually more.  As brand experts, we are advocates for a client’s audience helping them forge connections with buyers, partners, employees and the public. But our advocacy takes on greater importance with science and engineering companies where breakthroughs, discoveries, patents and inventions are so internally rewarding that it’s easy to believe word of mouth and reputation are enough to grow a business. With competitors worldwide, markets connected and quarterly reports always looming, you need more to grow. Branding and communication is now a requirement, no matter what your size.

Health and Medicine

Branding in the healthcare and medical market runs the gamut. There are a few innovative brands, dozens of copycats and hundreds of startups trying to get off the ground in a market full of confusion, change and competition.  Cliches abound with variations on the bold cross and abstract figures leaping in triumph. There are many things that cause a brand to clutch onto common ground: boards trying to reach consensus, fear or the desire to have one’s logo communicate “what we do” instead of “who we are.”  We routinely counsel boards on the difference between being a brand consumer and a brand strategist. One does not make you the other.  We have worked for pharmaceutical companies, health product manufacturers and a variety of medical practices to identify and develop breakthrough ideas.

Professional Services

Branding professional services firms has been a busy area for us. The industry is constantly changing. Mergers, acquisitions and substantial competition has created an environment where there are literally hundreds of unknown brands operating in a single region. This presents a tremendous branding opportunity for those firms who want to be leaders and stake a real claim in their market.  We help Professional Services companies speak in a human voice, eliminate business doublespeak, erase stale and commonplace graphic design and establish a distinctive brand that evokes credibility at a glance.


Why is Apple’s brand so powerful? Because they use a simple human brand identity (an apple) to symbolize their promise for easy-to-use, human-centered products.  And their products deliver on that promise.  You can’t just create great devices, products, tools or software. You need to make it real for people. Even B2B brands need to express more than mere function to avoid becoming a commodity.  We’ve worked with software companies, industrial manufacturers, multinational engineering firms, microelectronics companies and health product developers.

Consumer Brands & Retail Products

What drives a person’s preference? How do you build an emotional connection with your target consumers? Consumer brands need to create a genuine brand personality, voice and identity that is consistent wherever a person experiences the brand (store, advertising, product, packaging, customer service).  And with purchasing power down from the previous decade, expressing value is more vital than ever. For premium consumer brands retaining brand-loyalty is critical. For premium upstarts, branding is the surest way to penetrate the market (think boutique liquor or specialty chocolates) and establish a presence.


Branding an educational institution (or part of one) demands a stark look in the mirror, a thoughtful tour through your heritage and a decisive look forward. Universities, Colleges and private schools survive on their reputations and public perceptions. Creating a valuable brand helps improve enrollment application numbers, faculty stature and  alumni/development donations. For a school to build a valuable brand, it take a lot more than a great identity students and alumni will love. It requires telling a compelling and expressive story that people want to be part of — one where prospective students can truly see themselves thriving.


Growing donations, membership and volunteers is the lifeblood of every non-profit. To keep numbers up, it’s essential to craft a brand message and image that is packed with purpose.  There is no better way to inspire and engage your group’s base.  Once your brand is ready for center-stage, it’s important to protect it from erosion by well-meaning do-it-yourselfers and amateur designers. DIY design and marketing doesn’t save money. It compromises your credibility. Non-profit success and smart branding go hand-in-hand.

Arts & Culture

Arts & Cultural organizations like theaters and museums have brand assets at their fingertips, yet few organizations really tap their potential. Go to any city and look at the theater posters on bus platforms and you see the ocassional gem, but most lack a powerful visual concept. The same goes for museums, concert halls and the hundreds of arts and cultural organizations that struggle to get noticed. These enterprises are often enticed to accept “free” help.  Free help rarely puts the best talent at the table.

Media / Publications / Marketing

We work as a design and brand partner for businesses, organizations and even individuals in the media, publishing, marketing, public relations and advertising world. It’s a market we know well. And like other markets, boring forgettable brands block business by compromising credibility. Aside from book publishers (we design books and publications), marketers and media companies have always struggled with the “Cobbler’s Shoe Syndrome.” You know the story: the cobbler’s shoes were always in need of repair because he was too busy working on other people’s shoes.  And that’s where we come in. If you’re in the media, a network, a production company, an ad agency or a publisher and your brand isn’t a genuine asset… it’s time to make it one.

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