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Is Your Brand a Profitable Performer?

By November 9th, 2018No Comments

Your brand image impacts your bottomline everyday. If it feels amateurish or looks like a dozen competitors, it is impacting it negatively. Brands don’t have middle ground, and “average” translates to negative impact.  You have grown up being impacted by brands created by the best designers in the world. And that’s the bar you need to reach for with your own.

Three quick measures of brand profitability

1. You love your brand identity

2. Your brand receives positive comments from people outside the company.

3. Mentioning your company name to prospects requires no explanation about who you are.

These are all “soft” measures, but they are the measures that ultimately translate to dollars.

Work with Modern SBC and find out what it takes to make a brand profitable.

We’re a friendly group of creative professionals helping organizations build powerful brands, websites, and print communications. We handle heavy-lifting, visual acrobatics, marketing magic, dancing ponies and everything you’d expect from a branding ringmaster.

TAKEAWAY:   Profitable brands are multidimensional. There are a lot of components. Some are fixed and create continuity through time, and some are evolving with the needs of the market.

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