Is Your Brand Selling While You’re Asleep?

Brands never sleep!

They work ‘round the clock influencing customers and prospects. Brands forge emotional connections with people. They do it through experience, advertising, environments, products and people.  With so many moving parts, brands are certainly not simple. Yet they are.

Think of your brand as a sales representative for a moment. Now imagine how you would dress that representative. What that representative be male or female? Would that matter? What would it sound like? How old would your brand seem. Is it old and dignified and loaded with history or is it the latest new thing people line up to buy?  Finding that exact person will not be easy. Finding a dozen of them will be even harder. But your brand can be whoever you need him or her to be. And they never sleep, no matter what the timezone.

When we work on a client’s brand, we think about how to make the brand the perfect representative for the business, product, etc.  Everything from image perception, to language, to color, to pacing of message, to personality and more.

Today each company has different brand touch points. But for most, the website is either a storefront or a place for prospects to assess your credibility.


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