What’s in a Name?

Is your name an asset or a liability? Fact is, it’s one or the other. We put a lot of sweat into names. We also put in some important ingredients, like cadence, rhythm, meaning, sound, curiosity, originality, cultural nuance and personality.

Names Drive Brand Image

Names matter. A lot. Naming a company, product, organization, event, or even a place is a vital first step to building a successful brand. Names evoke images and provide cues for creating a truly valuable brand identity. They need to be developed and chosen with care.

Rhythm to Retention

Brand names are part of the daily noise we experience. Their sound (either spoken or silently consumed through sight) is an opportunity for you to hit the right note. Names have tone, rhythm and cadence. The more musical, your name, the greater the retention.

Where Names Come From

Creating one name might require the generation of hundreds of options. These options might be descriptive, invented, constructed from morphemes (word parts) or even a combination of these methods. All should be explored.

What’s Your Name Again?

Forgetting someone’s name is frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. As people, we only have our parents to blame for a forgettable name. But companies and products have no excuse for having a lackluster or forgettable name.