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New Perspectives for Your Brand

By November 9th, 2018No Comments

Perspective matters. In fact, perspective is often a tool for creating difference.  Here’s an exercise in perspective. It’s a basic process in graphic design to cultivate newness from what is otherwise familiar.  Draw a grid of 20 squares. Now draw 20 different apples. It will give you a sense of the mental and artistic skills required to develop unique perspectives for your brand.

The right perspective can make the commonplace captivating and interesting. Let’s explain that a bit.  Branding and advertising and marketing all benefit from using familiar ideas and concepts in new ways.  People experience it this way: “I recognize this, but I’ve never seen it this way.”  And that is memorable.

Clients come to Modern SBC to build better brands and elevate their visual identities. To us, that means a brand that earns respect and revenue. Are you ready for that?

TAKEAWAY:   A fresh design perspective from real professionals can truly empower a business or product. There is nothing that can move minds faster than powerful visual branding and marketing.

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