A Process for Clients

Our process is a framework for projects. It includes the basic steps for any project whether we’re naming a business, creating a new brand identity or building a website.

We work with decision-makers only.  We typically work with a small team (3 to 5 people), individual experts (brand managers, marketing executives or CEOs) and under special circumstances, a board of directors.  Boards are rarely comprised of brand experts and are notorious for neutering beautiful and valuable solutions in favor of more “vanilla” solutions. We like to remind people that vanilla is a flavor, not a brand strategy.

A Lab for Design

Bring your brand (or any part of it) to Modern for one morning and listen to our people. Our first meetings are literally brand workshops. The questions we ask and the insights we offer will get you thinking. It will also show you firsthand what it’s like to work with us. We believe strategy and design are one. We think strategically about manufacturing, implementation, brand character, cultural nuances, market differentiation and industry trends as we make design decisions. We draw, sketch, model and mockup all of our work. That way you can see it, touch it, click it and truly experience the work  firsthand. Complex and large format designs are prototyped and modeled for review.

Real World Results

You’ll see our process diagram above is pretty simple. You can follow it. It makes sense. We don’t like to overcomplicate things. We believe the role of design in modern business and culture is more important than ever. Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a manufacturer, a new business or a nonprofit, branding and smart communications are your most efficient tools for connecting with customers,  building social buzz, elevating credibility and uniting your workforce.  In the right hands, design can improve more than perceptions. It can genuinely improve value.