As I see the new logo incorporated across our materials, I just have to reiterate how much I LOVE it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Thanks again! And the members are on board too. Senior staff from around Pennsylvania are asking for copies to share at executive committee meetings; one member talked about the new tagline extensively at a recent meeting. We have real ambassadors!

–Lori Braden, Executive Director of Marketing, PICPA (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

Gentleman, an investment industry consultant stopped in today to give us a big thumbs up on the new website. A former colleague at Mellon, he had extremely positive things to say about the site: the graphics, the message, the organization, everything. In short, he said it could not have been done better.

Special praise was given to the tagline: “Timeless Truths. New Perspectives.” as perhaps the strongest he has ever seen…  Just thought you might want to know.

–Thomas McKeon, Principal, West Chester Capital

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Modern team for many years and admittedly, each one gets better. Professional, creative, prompt and purely customer-service oriented are just a few of the descriptors for this group of ‘artists.’  My success is due in large part to the quality material that they share. They are a part of my organization’s family and that sentiment is shared by everyone, including the President and the front-line staff.

–Lynn Johnson, Presby’s Inspired Life

Really amazing. I don’t know how you capture the essence of what we do with 95% accuracy after just a single meeting.

–Phil Marro, Marketing Director, Complete Ticket Solutions

One of the most inspired presentations for a logo I have ever seen. (Presented on the floor of the new – empty – offices of Wordwrights Corporate Communications)

–Sheila Even-Tov, Founder, Wordwrights

We have received multiple compliments on the New Extreme White Ads, and we wanted to pass them your way:  “Beautiful job!”  “VERY NICE!”  One Distributor asked us to send reprints to all of their locations. Great job!

–Candace Martin, Product Manager, Elmers / Encore Products